How to prapare for your boudoir photo session

You’ve made the bold decision to schedule a boudoir session. Prepare to experience supermodel sensations! Although a boudoir session may feel like a significant step outside of your comfort zone, it may foster increased empowerment and confidence.

It’s very normal to feel anxious. With the aid of this guide, you can feel better equipped for your session and be ready to nail every shot.

What’s your comfort level?

Every woman has a distinct expectation for her boudoir session. It’s up to you whether you want to go completely nude or prefer to keep most of your clothing on. How their sessions are photographed is decided by our clients. During our free phone consultation, your boudoir experience is covered. We will discuss in advance the kinds of pictures you want and don’t want, as well as the kinds of positions and undress states you are comfortable with. I will be more prepared and you will feel more at ease during our session if I am more aware of your needs and expectations. Every session is customised for YOU.

What to wear?

Not sure of your session’s attire? Bring things that make you feel beautiful and attractive. That can be intimate apparel, a bulky sweater, or even a stunning dress. Boudoir is all about flaunting your thing in your favourite ensembles and wearing whatever makes you feel hot. I suggest clothing items based on your body shape and skin tone. At every step of the journey, I am here to help you.

Oh, just a note. Before your session wear loose, comfortable clothing that won’t leave marks on your skin. That entails abstaining from wearing pants, bras, and elastic-banded apparel. You want your skin to seem as smooth and young-looking as you can because those red marks from wearing tight clothing will show up in your photographs.

What else can you bring?

The little things can sometimes make us feel the most attractive. Perhaps you own a priceless ancestral piece of jewellery or a pair of six-inch heels that give you an invincible feeling. For your shoot, pick out accessories that highlight your individuality and capture you at your most assured. Please feel free to consult with me if you have any prop requests for your session. I am here to make the photoshoot of your dreams a reality.

If nothing in your closet should make you feel attractive or amazing use that as an excuse to go shopping. Choose some of your favourite outfits and intimates. Just make sure to try everything on before your appointment in case something doesn’t fit or doesn’t look the way you want.

Just make sure they all fit, so slip into those hot new (and favourite) ensembles before your session. Make sure all items are clean, ironed, or steam-pressed, and remove any tags and labels.

A few days before your boudoir session

If you decide to get pampered

To prevent any unattractive lumps or redness, wax at least four to five days prior to your appointment. Additionally, now is a wonderful time to get your eyebrows done and, if necessary, return to the salon for a touch-up. Get a manicure and pedicure while you’re there to make a day of it!

Avoid spending a lot of time in the sun on the days before your boudoir session. Sunburn or tan lines won’t look well in your photographs, even though a nice, healthy tan is fantastic. Additionally, spray tanning is not recommended because it will give your skin an unflattering orange hue. Keep in mind that you want to appear as naturally gorgeous as you are!

Drink lots of water

This is sound advice for life in general, but it’s particularly helpful for looking your best in boudoir photos! To ensure your skin looks healthy and hydrated on the day of your shoot and throughout the week leading up to it, drink plenty of water. Alcohol should be avoided, and salt consumption should be decreased.

On the day of your boudoir session

On the day of your session, taking time to unwind and enjoy it is the most crucial thing you can do. Being anxious is very normal. I’ll be available to assist you with poses and positions while ensuring your comfort. You’ll have a great time and tonnes of pictures to prove it!