Boudoir Photography Sydney

Hello, I’m Jay…

And I’m a boudoir photographer based in Sydney.

I am often asked if doing boudoir photography as a man is a disadvantage.

I believe quite the opposite. This may not be true in all cases, but men are in general a lot less judgemental than women. Yes, you know it’s true. If someone calls a woman fat or ugly… 80% of the time it will be another woman. Not a man. (made-up statistics, btw) Men judge women less, and our standards of beauty are far lower than other women’s. So if you worry about being judged, with a male photographer you need to worry a lot less….

Another reason is this: Boudoir photography is about creating beautiful images that you will love, but it is also about creating sexy images that would appeal to a man in your life. Men and women have different tastes when it comes to sexy. I think it’s an advantage to be photographed from a male point of view and with a male taste for Boudoir images.

On the other hand, maybe you just want nice, sexy, boudoir images. If you like my work and want to shoot with me, just email me. Boudoir Photography may not be for everyone, but since you landed on my website, I think you’re already interested.

Check my portfolio and if you want to work with me,