• Sydney male boudoir photographer

Q: Where are you located?

I am located in Sydney, in the Strathfield area and shoot most of my boudoir sessions there, but I’m happy to organise a session anywhere in the metro area.

Q: I would love to do a boudoir shoot, but I’m worried about my body. Do you photoshop the pictures?

Every picture that I deliver is edited in Photoshop. I remove blemishes, do color and light adjustments and add a little bit of skin smoothing which would reduce visibility of some skin imperfections, like stretch marks. I do not use Photoshop to alter your body in any way. I like images to be as natural and raw as possible, but I do edit just to make them shine a bit more.

Q: Will my photos be on the internet

Only if you want to. I will never post your images on the internet unless you give me permission to do that. I maintain an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and of course my website. All images on these platforms are of women who have given me permission to use their photos.

If you don’t want that, no one will see your images but you.

Q: How long before I can see the images?

You will see your images no later than 3 weeks from the shoot. Usually sooner that that. It all depends on my schedule at the time.

Q: How do I order large prints or albums?

If you want me to print and frame a large image, just select the file and I will do the rest. I’ll enlarge the original file to the size appropriate for the print size and I will get that file professionally printed on a good quality printing paper. They will also be framed by them and delivered straight to you.

With albums, you get to decide the images that will go in, and you will have the last word for the design too. Once you agree on the look, I will design the album for you and have it printed by a reputable album maker. It will be delivered directly to your home within 3 weeks.

Q: I like your work, but I don’t live in Sydney. Do you travel?

Absolutely. I’m happy to travel to your location. Some travel expenses will be added to your session fee, depending on the distance. I shot in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast, so travel is not a problem

Q: I don’t know how to pose sexy. Will you help?

Don’t worry about posing. It’s my job to make you look good. I am a photographer, not just a guy with an expensive camera. I will teach you how to pose sexy, and if need be I will show you as well. Just leave it to me and enjoy the experience. You can check out my blog on how to pose “sexy”

Q: How much will the photoshoot cost?

There is a session fee that will confirm the booking and will pay for the session itself, editing of images, hair, and makeup.

Digital images, photo albums, and print products can be purchased when you see the final, edited pictures. Customers would spend between $750 and over $3000 for digital images and album packages.

I offer packages that combine photo albums and digital files at a discount and I will be happy to design a package that is perfect for you. For details please contact me using the contact form below.

Q: Can I print my own images?

If you order a digital package, you will receive images that are printable up to A3 format. If you want prints larger than that, it’s better to let us do the printing, as the files may need to be properly enlarged in Photoshop otherwise the quality will deteriorate.

Q: Can I ger some images printed in Black & White?

Absolutely. I will be happy to edit your images in B&W. Some images just look better and more classy in Black and White. I will show you the Black & White version for approval before I send it to the printing house.