Which products do most boudoir clients choose?

Boudoir Photographer Sydney Hanoi

When I first started offering boudoir photography, I had a long list of products that I offered in my packages. These would include framed or canvas prints, albums, boxed, individually matted A5 prints, and of course digital files themselves. I would discourage getting just digital files because I like photographs to be printed and displayed, and I understand, that most if not all of digital files will never be printed. It’s a bit of a shame, but the customer is always right.

These days, I can almost assume that what the customer wants is a set of high-resolution images. In some cases, it’s also a boudoir album, but a lot of women think that they can save some money by getting the albums printed themselves at a later date. This is probably true, but I think most images they purchase would only live on their phones, or laptops, or maybe a few of them will appear on their Instagram feed.

This is not a criticism of my customers. I am very happy if they like and buy my images, but I know that pictures in an actual album that we can hold and touch look much better than on their little phone screen, or Instagram.

So, it’s safe to say that most of my customers order individual images from the shoot. Just high-resolution pictures and nothing else. I think it’s fair to say that a number of my customers are escorts, so for them, digital images are all they actually need. They need something to display in their online profile. They don’t need an album. However out of all the rest of my customers, half of them would order just digitals, and the other half would order an album as well.

The thing is, with an album, they can get the digital files for not much at all. Most of my album-buying customers got the digital files as well. I deliver high-resolution files and lower resolution images, that are perfect for Facebook or Instagram.

The least popular product that I currently still offer is framed prints or canvas prints. I guess, if someone bought digital files they can easily get them printed and framed. The only issue I see with this is when someone wants to print a wall-size picture. The high-resolution files are perfect for prints up to A3 format. If someone wants to enlarge them larger than that, the files will have to be professionally enlarged otherwise they will look pixelated, and that is a very bad look.

I think some printing places can process the image files for larger prints, or they can be enlarged in Photoshop, which is what I do before I send them to the printers. This is not a difficult task. I do use special software that will keep the quality of the print even if it’s enlarged to a huge size, but someone with basic skills in Photoshop can still get good enough results.

So this is all I actually offer now. Digital files, albums, and framed prints. There is simply no demand for anything else. Of course, if someone wants to get something else, I can work with them, but my official pricing list contains nothing else. This way my pricing list is easy to understand and there is no hard selling. I am simply not good at it. I can’t push products my customers didn’t want. I am more than happy if they buy my images even if they are just digital files.

Have a look at my boudoir photography page and if you like my work, email me and we go from there.