What to wear for a boudoir photo session

Boudoir Photography Sydney Hanoi

While I wholeheartedly support wearing attractive undergarments every day of the week, there are certain items that perform particularly well for events like a boudoir photoshoot. The 1920s saw the rise of the boudoir photography trend, which took its name from the French women’s dressing room. It has transformed over time into a far more female-run sector founded on empowering women. If you’re interested in participating in one of these shoots, here are some outfit ideas from us!


A bodysuit can range from being quite plain to very intricate. It covers the belly area, which can be an area of insecurity for many women and is generally attractive. Since it’s more conventional and can help customers become acclimated to the shooting process, I would recommend using this piece to kick off a session.


The chemise is another more traditional alternative; it’s a short dress made of silk most often. It has a loose fit and ends at a pretty high to mid thigh. They may be worn alone with a blazer on a night out or with slacks and a blazer, which makes them really adaptable.

Bra, Panties, and Garter

The 20th century’s femme-fatales wore what is arguably the most traditional lingerie style. The garter set enhances a standard bra and panty set with a decorative belt that draws attention to the natural waist and frequently connects to thigh-high stockings. It is straightforward, elegant, universally flattering, and very seductive. For stunning full-body or detail pictures, use it as-is or with high heels!

Oversized Shirts

Has your partner a favorite button-down shirt? Bring it along!
It may be worn alone or thrown over a bra and underwear for some subtly sensual looks that will mean the world to them.
This also applies to motorcycle jackets and sports shirts; feel free to add personal touches based on what is most meaningful to you. Boudoir is all about showcasing your unique qualities.

I hope that you enjoy your photoshoot.